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Add 5 MPH to Your Pitch in 5 Minutes

What does your pregame warm-up look like? A couple of arm circles, a couple of arm hugs, maybe a light jog around the field, and then going to the bullpen to toss a few balls?

How does that make you feel? Does your throwing shoulder feel warmed up and primed to throw 75 – 100 pitches in the next 2 hours at maximal effort?  Chances are, your body might be warm, but your shoulder is in no condition to take on that kind of load.  Not only is your shoulder not ready to throw, but you are also leaving yourself susceptible to injury.

Think about it, if the muscles in your shoulder (rotator cuff, scapulae, latissimus dorsi, teres major) aren’t activated, they aren’t going to fire properly.  If they aren’t firing properly, they aren’t producing force. 

Less activated muscles mean less force, less force means less throwing velocity, simple physics.

But what if it only took you 3 – 5 minutes to wake up your muscles and get them ready to throw a full game?

Below is a complete dynamic warm-up for any throwing athlete.

Perform 2 - 3 sets of 10 - 15 reps each

1️⃣ Banded Internal Rotations
2️⃣ Banded External Rotations
3️⃣ Banded Single-Arm External Goal Posts
4️⃣ Banded Single-Arm Internal Goal Posts
5️⃣ Banded Y’s
6️⃣ Banded Facepulls
7️⃣ Banded Pull Aparts (pronated)
8️⃣ Banded Pull Aparts (supinated)
9️⃣ Banded Straight Arm Pulldowns
🔟 Banded Posture Correction


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