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Sports Performance Training (12+) In Belton

It’s time to take your sport to the next level. Whether you crush it on the court or push yourself on the field, a structured sports performance training program can help you develop the agility, coordination, and strength needed to excel. We offer our Sports Performance Training for athletes looking for a better way to improve the way their body responds to the physical demands of both their sport and daily life. No matter where you are in your training, we help you build strength while lowering your risk of injury.

We know athletes play the way they train. It’s only by pushing and learning our own limitations that we know how to surpass them. If you want to run faster, switch direction at breakneck speeds, jump higher, and increase your power, your body needs to be trained to do so. Sports performance training at Maximize Potential in Belton guides you through exercises designed to challenge and improve all aspects of the body.

The demands of sports and physical activities is ever-increasing. Rise to meet that challenge while breaking personal records and weight goals in the process. We can’t wait to help you realize what you are truly capable of with sports performance training. Reach out today to sign up for our Sports Performance Training classes.

We offer classes at 5, 6:15 and 7:30 pm on Monday - Thursday; 5 and 6:15 pm on Friday while school is in session. 

Most athletes train with us two times per week, giving them optimal recovery time to perform at their highest level (especially with those busy athlete schedules).  Memberships are billed monthly, which reinforces consistent training and can be purchased as a Month-to-Month, 3 Month Minimum or as an Annual Membership. Our Annual Membership allows flexibility for the changing sports seasons. This means we can discount the membership during the season for a recovery/maintenance membership. 

 Month-to-Month $275 per month - Purchase HERE
3-Month Minimum $233 per month (minimum 3 months) - Purchase HERE
Annual Membership $200 per month (12 months) - Purchase HERE
Recovery/Maintenance Membership $125 per month (Discounted from Annual Membership)